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Oral Hygiene

Dental Emergencies

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What To Do

If a dental trauma occurs, the best advice is to remain cool, calm, and collected. Read and learn the following steps now, and you'll know what to do in an emergency. Keep in mind that the advice of a dental professional should be sought any time there is an injury to the teeth or mouth.

Dental Trauma

Unlike a chipped or cracked tooth, some dental hygiene injuries are not obvious. Trauma to the mouth can cause damage that may not be seen, but could result in loss of one or more teeth. So check with your dental professional as soon as possible after any injury to the teeth or mouth.

If a tooth is knocked out during an accident:

  • Do not scrub or clean the tooth.
  • Place the tooth in a small container of milk, saline solution if available, or a special tooth-preserving solution available at your pharmacy.
  • See your dental professional as soon as possible, preferably within 30 minutes. Don't forget to take the tooth with you.

With prompt attention, a permanent tooth may be re-implanted into the tooth socket and remain normal and healthy.


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